Monday, March 3, 2008

H!P Invades My Dreams

I'm sure that most of us Hello!Project fans have had dreams involving H!P members at some point. It's happened to me on a few occasions, but one case a few nights ago stood out to me, and I feel it's worth talking about here.

Funnily enough, I had two dreams in one night involving two different girls of H!P fame. The first one involved Mikitty somehow. I don't remember how, only that she was in it (probably for the better XD), and that she looked like she did around the time of her solo career.

The other one was pretty ridiculous, as dreams tend to be. In it, myself and a few of my friends were at a really ghetto school, for some reason I don't fully understand. While I was in this school's bathroom, I noticed Kumai Yurina's solo album (...?) just sitting there! Now, the funny thing is what surprised me about the situation...not the fact that Yurina all of a sudden had a solo album, or that it was in the bathroom at some random inner-city school, but that it was the SPECIAL EDITION OMG (it came in a big box similar to the "3 Natsu Natsu Mini Berryz" LE). Either way, I grabbed it up as quickly as I could and ran out of the bathroom to find...a cashier waiting to take my money (who knows how she got there...). So I set the album on the counter, grabbed my wallet, and started to pull out some cash...then it's a blur. Sadly, I never found out the contents of the box. Maybe this is a sign of times to come?*

Dreams are weird...
- cfb

*Who am I kidding...if anyone in Berryz gets a solo album, it'll be Risako.

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good one :)