Tuesday, March 24, 2009

February 2009 Purchases

First of all, sorry for the delay on this post. I'm lazy.

Anyway, less stuff than normal this month...attempting to save up, and not doing a very good job of it. XD

  • V/A - Pucchi Best 5 DVD
  • Matsuura Aya - Single V Clips 2
  • Buono! - co . no . mi . chi Single V
  • Matsuura Aya - Chocolate Damashii Single V

  • Morning Musume - Hyokkori Hyoutanjima Single V
  • Morning Musume - Egao YES Nude Single V
  • Morning Musume - Onna ni Sachi Are Single V
  • Morning Musume Sakura/Otome Gumi - Sakura Mankai / Yuujou ~Kokoro no Busu ni wa Naranee!~

  • Country Musume - Daizenshuu 2 RE
  • Buono! - Buono!2 LE (w/DVD)
  • C-ute - Akogare My STAR RE
  • Matsuura Aya - Chocolate Damashii RE
  • Morning Musume - Naichau Kamo RE

  • Melon Kinenbi - This Is Unmei RE
  • Kusumi Koharu - Chance! RE
  • 2005 Shuffles - Onna, Kanashii, Otona / Inshouha Renoir no You ni / Hitoshirezu Mune wo Kanaderu Yoru no Aki LE (w/photobook)
  • Goto Maki - Sans Toi m'Amie / Kimi to Itsumademo RE
  • Goto Maki - Yokohama Shinkirou LE (w/posters)
  • Goto Maki - Glass no Pumps RE
Quick thoughts:
- I'm surprisingly fond of Country Musume's Daizenshuu 2...I've started buying more of their singles since I got ahold of this. XD
- Still haven't listened to my copy of Akogare My STAR...who knows if I ever will. This is likely the last C-ute release I'm going to buy.
- Chocolate Damashii is awesome, I don't care what the sales said.
- Naichau Kamo is also awesome.
- I get Chance! stuck in my head at least once a week, yet somehow I never tire of it, haha

So there we are. March is shaping up to be about the same as February, purchase-wise...maybe a little bit more. If I actually post it when I'm supposed to, it'll be up in a little over a week...but I wouldn't put money on it. :P

Till next time,
- cfb