Tuesday, September 14, 2010


A quick post to commemorate the 24th birthday of our beautiful Leader~~~

Yes, this is a bit late...but it's still the 14th where I'm at, and I actually made the birthday shrine last night when it was still the 14th in Japan. (plus this is an excuse to wish her happy birthday again~)
I also happened to JUST remember that I hadn't posted here about Aichan's birthday -___-


Happy birthday Aichan~~~
Thanks for everything you do for both Morning Musume and for me as a fan, and for all the other fans. You're simply too amazing for words ;____;

Also, this just happens to be pretty close to the one-year anniversary (maybe a week from now) of my becoming an Aichan wota. Here's to another year with the greatest waifu I could ever ask for :'D

- cfb