Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Second HelloStoreUSA Batch

Yup, second batch of stuff from HelloStore. This was actually my 5th order, but orders 2-4 were pretty small (5 items between all of them), so I won't bother posting about them in detail here. BUT. I have to say, the metallic photo sets are VERY cool...kind of a subtle metallic sheen to them, definitely worth getting if you can. Anyway, on to to the stuff :P

This would be my spoils from the second "raid" of HelloStore, when all the the Nine Smile items went live.

And, once again, the photo sets all laid out:

And, as I mentioned in my previous HelloStore's a couple pictures of my room at the moment:

Sorry for the big empty spot next to my Aichan mini-towels...I'm hoping to get ahold of an Aichan solo uchiwa to fill it, but until then...nothing.

Had to rig some stuff up kinda funny to hang the towels...but it gets the job done :D

So yeah, more fun times at HelloStoreUSA for cfb :P

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kimagure Princess Lyrics

Yup...too lazy to even come up with a better title than that.

Anyway, just got done watching the Kimagure Princess PV with subs, and I have to say I'm quite pleased. From the second the song was released, it was obvious that the lyrics were talking about boobs and butts and so on (my knowledge of Japanese is good enough to at least have caught that much already, lol)...but the fully-translated lyrics didn't come off sleazy like I half-expected them to. The H!O torrent description and some people's reactions had me anticipating much worse, so I was quite relieved to see something that didn't turn me off.

Tsunku's developed a habit of writing lyrics for MM that are sung by the girls as a character...they're always quite obviously about the feelings of some person other than the girls themselves (then again, when are H!P lyrics EVER truly written from the idols' perspective :P). For Naichau's case, the lyrics were actually about a SPECIFIC other girl. In the case of SYO through Kimagure...they were about some non-descript external character.

I like that. It allows some room for kind of risque lyrics without compromising the girls' image, and I think it gives MM the ability to gain a little of that 'edginess' that they have apparently been lacking (and therefore losing ground with potential new fans who like that sort of thing - myself, of course, not included. Although at this point I'm completely committed to MM, as long as their music is listenable and the PVs are watchable, I'll be happy...but that's a discussion for another post that will probably never happen). Some people may argue that Morning Musume "shouldn't do that" or "can't pull that off"...but hey, their loss if they don't want to enjoy the group. :P

On the whole, I think Kimagure Princess as a complete package (song, PV, lyrics) is pretty sexy and badass. Morning Musume looks to be moving in a smart direction image-wise...let's just hope the single sales follow through with my gut feelings about that.

- cfb

Thursday, October 8, 2009

First Purchases From HelloStore USA

I suppose it's pretty easy to guess what this post will be about from the title...

Anyway, this afternoon a package for me was delivered:

And, as expected, the contents were...

A wonderful assortment of Aichan and MM tour goods! :D

Here's the photosets all spread out:

These are basically the first concert goods I've ever bought (aside from the ones I obtained at AX and maybe 1 or 2 other items I got from friends), and I have to say that I'm enjoying them more than I thought I would. I'm sure part of that is because, as a wota, I've recently begun supporting Aichan almost getting photos and towels and so on of her is a great feeling. It's nice to be surrounded by the idol you love ^^ I'm especially surprised at how addictive collecting photos is...and now I just have to find an album or two to put them all in XD I'll throw together another post or something once I get all the towels hung up.

Anyway...overall a great first experience with HelloStore, and I look forward to continuing to buy from them.

Keep it up, JapanFiles!
- cfb

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

August 2009 Purchases

Yup, over a full month late on this one. Life has been crazy, sorry folks x.x

  • Momusu - Best! Morning Musume 2 LE (w/box case & pin)
  • Momusu - No. 5 LE (w/box case, booklet & poster)
  • Kusumi Koharu - Kirarin*Land LE (w/box case, DVD & card)
  • V/A - Champloo 1 ~Happy Marriage Song Cover Shuu~

  • Nanchatte Renai LE A (w/DVD)
  • Nanchatte Renai LE B (w/DVD)
  • Nanchatte Renai RE
  • Nanchatte Renai 40th Single Kinenban

  • Momusu - Onna ni Sachi Are RE
  • Momusu - Aruiteru LE (w/DVD)
  • Momusu - Shouganai Yume Oibito LE B (w/DVD)
  • Melon Kinenbi - Namida no Taiyou
  • Melon Kinenbi - Nikutai wa Shoujiki na EROS
  • Melon Kinenbi - Champagne no Koi

  • H!P DVD Magazine Vol 4
  • H!P DVD Magazine Vol 12
  • H!P DVD Magazine Vol 14
  • Momusu DVD Magazine Vol 6
  • Momusu DVD Magazine Vol 7
  • Momusu DVD Magazine Vol 20

  • Momusu - Eizou The Morning Musume 3 ~Single M Clips~
  • Momusu - Eizou The Morning Musume 5 ~Single M Clips~
  • Momusu - Resonant Blue Single V
  • Momusu - Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~ Event V

  • Momusu - Concert Tour 2007 Aki ~Bon Kyu! Bon Kyu! BOMB~
  • Momusu - Concert Tour 2008 Haru ~Single Daizenshuu~
  • Momusu - Concert Tour 2008 Aki ~Resonant Live~

Quick thoughts:
- Kirarin*Land is so amazing. Anyone who doesn't like Koharu's solo stuff is seriously missing out.
- I like the Champloo Marriage Songs album wayyy more than I thought I would. Nice surprise ^^
- I've essentially listened to Nanchatte Renai at least once every day since it was released. I get the feeling Kimagure Princess will be much the same. :P
- Lots of DVD Magazines, working my way toward all of them. It's a long and expensive road x.x
- One more Event V in my H!P DVD collection. I love getting these things, such unique additions. :D
- I've completed the concert DVD discography for MM's current lineup. Can't wait for Nine Smile to come out though~

- cfb