Monday, June 30, 2008

Bikkuri Survey Response

In a surprising lapse of laziness, I've decided to complete Celestia's survey.

1. You have found a magical J-pop genie who will grant you one J-pop related wish (so no wishing for a million dollars or world peace or anything like that). It can be virtually anything as long as it’s directly related to J-pop, and don’t worry, because this is the nice sort of genie, not the kind who will try to find a loop-hole and screw up your wish. So, what do you wish for???

I would wish for Fujimoto Miki to come back to H!P as an idol, and not just a vocalist. As much as I loved Okitegami, I loved Mikitty's pre-scandal work more. Plus, photobooks. : D

2. Is there any J-pop artist or group who seriously pisses you off? If yes, who, and why?

Honestly, anything I say here is going to be horribly uninformed and biased, since the only J-Pop I ever listen to is H!P. If I must choose...I happen to find Hamasaki Ayumi pretty annoying, but only because she's so popular (what can I say, I'm spiteful as hell).

3. Who do you think is the sexiest japanese singer out there?


...but in all seriousness, I'd have to go with Shiina Ringo. She's so hot when she sings. O.O

4. How about the cutest?

Little Miyabi (as in, 2004 Miyabi) was absolutely adorable. I suppose I'll go with her.

5. Best personality?

This one is tough for me. It's a tie between Niigaki Risa and Matsuura Aya. Gaki because she comes off as one of the nicest girls in H!P, and Ayaya because she's freaking Ayaya. She was touring/recording/rehearsing/etc non-stop for years, and she kept in character, and stayed enthusiastic, better than any other idol I know of. Anyone who can keep up the idol act like that has my respect.

6. If given the opportunity, would you rather date person 3, person 4, or person 5?

Of the people I listed, I'd most like to date Niigaki, for sure. She's such a cutie!

7. You work for a Japanese music magazine, and you have the opportunity to interview your favorite artist or group. What are a couple of the questions you want to ask them?

Berryz Koubou is definitely my favorite group, even though I don't listen to them that much anymore. As for the questions...I'd like to know how much of their personalities is an act, and how much is real...especially in Momoko's case. Something along the lines of "As a member of Berryz Koubou, how much direction are you given in terms of how to act during TV appearances/FC events/etc?".

8. What’s the best (J-pop) song to listen to when you are really sad?

I guess anything involving Miyabi that's slower-paced. The later tracks on Cafe Buono! come to mind. Her voice is so soothing...

9. When you’re really happy?

There's way too many. I could never pick one.

10. Do you often sing along to your favorite songs?

All the time.

11. How about dance?

I used to...but anymore, I don't watch PVs enough to remember them. It makes me sad.

12. Artistic integrity question!! If someone offerrered to pay you for blogging, but they were allowed to censor some of your opinions or veto some of your blogging ideas, would you do it?

Probably not, just because I barely blog as it is. Getting money involved would just make it feel like work, so I'd surely blog even less.

- cfb

Saturday, June 14, 2008

May Purchases

May was a slow month for me, purchase-wise.

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  • MilkyWay Anataboshi LE
  • Buono! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! LE

Single Vs:
  • MilkyWay Anataboshi
- cfb

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Thoughts on Recent News

Obviously, it's been a while since I've written any entries on recent stuff, so here's a few quick thoughts on happenings of late:

I love it. The members, the video, the song, the outfits, everything is made of pure win. This is the first time I've ever put a lossy MP3 rip of a single on my iPod before I get ahold of the physical CD, if that says anything. Also, Maeda is a total cutie-pie.

New MilkyWay Single In October
I absolutely adored Anataboshi, so the news that MilkyWay isn't a one-shot group makes me very happy. I was also quite fond of Kikkawa Yuu when I saw her on the H!M 8th Gen Audition Special (and was disappointed she didn't make it instead of Aika, even if I found out about her after the fact), so anything that allows me to see more of her brightens my fandom.

New Berryz Outfits
They are ADORABLE. It's good to see the BK girls finally getting this kind of treatment. Miyabi's and Maasa's especially stand out to me, but they're all awesome.

Taiwan Auditions
I've already made a post about this, but I have to say it again. NUMBER FORTY-SIX ALL THE WAY.

Airi 3rd PB on CDJapan
This isn't so much news as kind of a sidenote. It was aggravating when I decided to start collecting photobooks, only to find out that cdjapan didn't carry them (and I had to go through HMV), so the confirmation that they're allowing preorders for H!P Kids PBs - the only ones I'm buying for the the moment - on top of the Momusu and other random ones they carry is a huge relief. Any way to support cdjapan is welcome in my book.

I think that's everything I wanted to talk about...
- Zac