Sunday, November 23, 2008

Collection Pics

Shirow over at Wotaku Now! asked for pics of my collection, so here they are.

- cfb

Monday, November 17, 2008

How much of a wota am I?

Midori over at Midori's J-Pop Overanalyzations has put together a list of Jeff Foxworthy-esque "You know you're [---] when..." items for wotas, and I've decided to see just how many I qualify for. XD

You can name and/or recognize half or more of the AKB48 research students or H!P Eggs.
- I'm not into AKB in the least, and I'm not really into the I can't say I'm able to do that. :P

You own at least 10 photos of your favorite idol.
- Guilty. :P Although I doubt I'll buy any more...

You buy t-shirts advertising your favorite idol/idol group and wear them on a regular basis. If you're a man 25+, you don't feel any regret or embarrasment about this.
- No t-shirts...yet... XD

You know all of your favorite idol's stats by heart.
- If by stats, you mean 3 sizes, birthday,, not by heart. I don't really have the time to do so, wish I did... >.<

Whenever anyone insults your favorite idol or idol group, you immediately come to their defense... even if you know you're half your compliments. (i.e. "They're good singers!" "She can dance well!" "She has more personality than [insert some famous TV personality here]" "They're NOT ugly!"

- Yeah, I definitely do this. Just ask anyone in wotachat. :P

You have spent more than you make a day on idol goods.
- Oh, lord yes. XD Buying H!P stuff is one of my favorite things.

You can recognize all of your favorite idols' voices.
- For the most part, yeah. I can recognize all Berryz, most post/during-4th album Momusu members, Ayaya, I'm okay with C-ute...

You have almost a stalkerish obsession with wanting to meet them or even just see them in person.
- I definitely want to someday go to Japan and see Aya or Miki live at some point. I don't think it's reasonable to make seeing one of the seasonal H!P concerts a goal for myself (being a college student and all, and then entering into the workforce and establishing myself financially...I doubt I'll make it to Japan anytime soon)...but I see a nice long career ahead for Ayaya, and I would hope the same for Miki, so seeing one (or both) of them is the plan. XD As for a stalkerish obsession with seeing them in person? I don't that's reasonable for someone who lives in the US. :P

You hear someone say something that remotely sounds like your favorite idol's name and you immediately assume they're also a wota.
- I don't assume they're a wota...but I definitely perk up and hope that they're talking about her. XD Never happens though...

You heavily anticipate any news from your idol.
- Considering how little activity Miki gets now, any news is good news. >.<

You have sent fan-mail.
- Nope.

Your favorite idol appears in your dreams more than once.
- I've had a lot of idol dreams, yes...

You have wondered what would happen if your idol dated you. (Mainly for guys, but if we include Johnnys here...)
- I've thought about it, yeah. XD

Your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/immediate family has learned to deal with your obsession long ago.
- My family never seemed to mind it too much. My friends, on the other hand...I still get crap from them. XD

If your favorite idol is suspended/fired/retired/graduated/has no work with their agency/other you check more than two sources of possible info everyday and accept any rumors about his/her return to be true immediately.
- I'm not quite naive enough to just immediately accept a rumor...but if I hear anything, I get pretty excited. XD

You have at least 3 photobooks or DVDs of your favorite idol.
- Absolutely, yeah. XD

You could colorcode a song sung by AKB48 O.o (I'm afraid of those who can!)
- Nope. :P

You do fandubs, cosplays, or fandances of your favorite idol or idol group.
- Absolutely not. >.<

You make birthday and worship posts on a blog/forum.
- Never.

You don't take the cheap route and buy your idol's songs from iTunes or another mp3 site, you spend the money to order every edition of the CD/DVD.
- Not every edition, but I own the complete discography (as in, one version of every single/album) of several idols/idol groups that I like, and I'm always working on more. :P

So...9/20, it looks like. You could say 15 if you wanted to be generous, but I only completely fit 9. XD

Woo wotadom? :P
- cfb

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

October 2008 Purchases

I'm just going to stop saying that it's been a crazy month for purchases...cause lately, every month has been, and I don't see that letting up any time soon. XD

  • Naked Songs LE (w/DVD)
  • Good Bye Natsuo LE (w/photobook)
  • 100kai no KISS RE
  • Ki ga Tsukeba Anata LE (w/DVD)
  • Momoiro Kataomoi RE
  • Yeah! Meccha Holiday RE

  • Happy Summer Wedding RE
  • Do it! Now RE
  • Aruiteru RE
  • Ai Araba IT'S ALL RIGHT LE (w/photobook)
  • Koko ni Iruzee! RE
  • Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~ RE
  • Iroppoi Jirettai LE (no box case or cards)
  • Rainbow 7 LE (w/photobook)

  • Yaruki! IT'S EASY RE
  • Makking GOLD(1) LE (w/booklet)
  • (2) Paint It Gold LE (w/poster)
  • Ai no Sono ~Touch My Heart!~ RE
  • Renai Sentai Shitsu Ranger RE
  • SHALL WE LOVE? Single V

  • Ayaya - First Concert Tour 2002 Haru "First Date"
  • Ayaya - Yeah! Meccha Live
  • Ayaya - Concert Tour 2005 Haru 101 Kaime no Kiss ~Hand in Hand~
  • Mikitty Alo-Hello DVD
Lots of Ayaya this month, and my first Gomaki CDs. I'm especially fond of Ayaya's Naked Songs and Hand in Hand concert, and Miki's Alo-Hello. I'd write more, but I'm tired and I have school in the morning, so I'll leave it at that. XD
- cfb