For Sale/Trade

If you're interested in anything, just zip an email over to catchfivebatsATgmailDOTcom, send a message on Twitter @CatchFiveBats, or send a message on H!O (CatchFiveBats). Any questions or requests for pics, etc, feel free to ask! Payment will be accepted only through PayPal (buyer covers the fees), prices do not include shipping, and I can ship to anywhere in the world if you're willing to cover the cost (items ship from America). I also accept trades, just send an email letting me know what you want and what you'd like to trade for it and I will let you know if I'm interested.

Also, everything is first come first serve. For example, if I'm gone for a day and 2 people contact me for the same item in that time span...whoever's email I received first will get the item. Pretty simple :P

Takahashi Ai - Katachi w/Wanibooks LE alternate cover & limited photo, SEALED (7 copies remaining): $50 each

Morning Musume DVDs: $5 each
  • Morning Musume no Kiseki no Hoshi * Chikyuu-Acchii Chikyuu wo Samasunda
  • Morning Musume no Chikyuu Ondanka no Kyoufu ~Dou Suru Nihon! Dou Suru Anata?~
  • Musume Dokyu! Vol 6

Takahashi Ai - PikaPika Solo Microfibre Towel (sealed): $40

Biteki Magazine: $5

Kind of a weird and interesting item...this is a Chinese cooking supplies catalog a friend of mine who was working at an asian restaurant ran across that just happens to have Berryz Koubou randomly on one page. Not an official appearance or even the slightest bit valuable as far as I'm aware, but still fun and unusual (pages Berryz Koubou appears on are bent from me marking them a couple years ago): $3

Various Hello! Project 2004 Sports Festival Goods (includes satchel, two of those long blow-up things you bang together at sport events, two sets of wristbands - 4 in all...two for each team in home/away colors, I'm assuming chocolate(?) medal, Ishikawa Rika keychain): $30

Hamasaki Ayumi - You Were... single w/first press LE poster: $12

Thanks for looking!
- cfb