Thursday, July 9, 2009

Momusu at AX! (Part 5)

Alright, pretty sure this is the second to last AX entry for me. Regular readers of my blog should be familiar with's the swag post! :P

First up...things I bought from the H!P booth in the exhibition hall.

- In the upper left is what H!P's booth was calling the "Morning Musume Visual Book", or something to that effect. I'm pretty sure it's actually the Platinum 9 Disco tour pamphlet, and there are some awesome pictures of the girls in this one. :)
- Hangry & Angry - Kill Me Kiss Mini-Album
- Platinum 9 Disco Wristband
- "Morning Musume In USA" t-shirt (this was sadly the only Momusu t-shirt they had at the booth...bad planning on their part, as I know lots of people - myself included - would have bought more if they had them O.o)
- 2 Morning Musume photo sets

The two pictures below are the contents of what was called the "Morning Musume Happy Set". For $60, you got 5 randomly selected items (I think they were mostly tour pamphlets and the like, although I heard you could get a towel if you were lucky), 2 randomly selected photo sets, and a bag to hold it all.

- Everyone got the same bag, which was from Momusu's 2008 Autumn concert tour, Resonant Live. It's honestly a little flimsy, but cool nonetheless.
- I got the following pamphlets:
  • H!P DVD Magazine Vol 11 Making Photo Book
  • H!P DVD Magazine Vol 4 Making Photo Book
  • Morning Musume First Concert Concert Hello! Tour Pamphlet
  • Hello!Project 2007 Summer 10th Anniversary Dai Kanshasai ~Hello!Project Natsu Matsuri!~ Tour Pamphlet
  • Hello!Project Wonderful Hearts 2006 Winter Tour Pamphlet
- 2 randomly selected Morning Musume photo sets

And this is stuff I got from other H!P fans over the course of the week.

- There was a guy selling DVDs at Hello!Party, and that's where I got all of these:
  • Making of Sugao no 17sai
  • Hello! Project 2005 Natsu no Kayou Show -'05 Selection! Collection!- Concert DVD
  • Tokkaekko (HILARIOUS movie, I was so excited when he actually had it XD)
  • Morning Musume Edokko Chusingura Musical
  • HELP!! Acchii Chikyuu wa Samasunda Musical
- Mikan RE (traded a copy of Risako's photobook Ring3 for this with Wendy...obviously I got the short end of the deal, but Wendy is cool so it's all good :D)
- Kamei Eri Hatachi photobook (this is the one those Japanese fans were selling an In-n-Out on Sunset Blvd XD)

Not a bad haul, if I do say so myself. My only regret is not grabbing some of the other DVDs the guy at Hello!Party was selling (he had Vol 3 of Futarigoto and the MiniMoni movie, amongst other oddities XD).

Probably going to do one more post with some final thoughts and a summary of what I gained from my time in LA. お楽しみに!

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