Sunday, July 5, 2009

Momusu at AX! (Part 1)

Okay...greatest weekend ever, seriously. Sorry for any lack of details or people I leave out...a lot of it is kind of a blur, especially the first couple days.

CRAZINESS. My plane left at 6:00AM, we had a connecting flight in Phoenix and arrived in LA around 9:00AM. Took a taxi to the hotel, which took about 35 or 40 minutes, ended up arriving there around 10. Dropped off my stuff and ran off to the convention, where I proceeded to sit/stand in line for about 7 or 8 hours, including the event ticketing line (it would have been less if the AX staff hadn't run into trouble with the computers for registration, delaying the line for a good 45 minutes, at least...a sign of things to come :P). I ended up meeting up with some online friends after I got my concert ticket (Johpan, maiZe, Kirarin*Snow, OpsMonkey, Paul Thomas), which was super awesome. After that, I joined OpsMonkey and some of his friends (Tris, Jessie, some other dude and LOTS of people I didn't know, I think we took up 1/3 of the restaurant, at least XD) for dinner. BUT, on the way we had to stop at the Mayfair Hotel in the ghetto to wait for some JPH!P people for wayyyy too long, then we drove through more ghetto to our destination, an In-n-Out on Sunset Blvd. Of course, I dropped my tray like a big dope so I couldn't eat my fries (>.>), but the burger was DELICIOUS. Like, oh my god. Go to In-n-Out, eat a burger (double-double animal style), die happy. Also, there were some Japanese Momusu fans (somehow connected to JPH!P, I believe?) at In-n-Out who were selling sealed copies of Eri's photobook Hatachi for $30, so I went ahead and grabbed one (as did Ops Monkey). From there we drove back through the ghetto to the Mayfair in the ghetto where I picked up my bag, at which point I was dropped off back at my hotel and crashed for the night. :P

Expect Thursday's post in the next couple days. :D

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Souk said...

Momusu's so cool live.