Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Alright, I'm Sold.

I've always thought that Manoeri was cute, don't get me wrong...I just never thought she was incredible. Maybe it's the fact that I had never really paid attention to her aside from the Berikyuu openings and the occasional picture, or that I've never watched that Ongaku Gatas concert, or that I still, somehow, have yet to see the Narihajimeta Koi no Bell PV, or...wait, what the hell? It's obvious why I hadn't yet joined the leagues of Manoeri wota. XD Foolish, foolish me...

Anyway, I recently saw this set of videos:
Part 1 (Dohhh UP!)
Part 2 (Dohhh UP!)

And, suddenly, I think she's adorable. The way she acts here is so unbelievably cute...I'd even go as far as to say it's sickening, but not in a bad way (if that's even possible...). It's still surprising to me that she's 17 years old...but let's backtrack a bit to get the whole story here.

As I said, I've always thought that Manoeri was cute. And I thought Manopiano was okay...not fantastic, but I could forgive since it was an indie single. Not too long ago, a video of her performing Manopiano was posted on dohhhup, and I loved it. Something about her performing the song live completely changed my opinion about it...and, much in the same way, the above-linked videos have revamped my opinion of Mano Erina as an idol as well.

I have to say that I'm excited for her next indie single, and I hope her solo career gets moving quickly so I can see more of her. I think she's still got quite a bit of work to do in the vocal department, but she's well on her way when it comes to charm and personality. I look forward to seeing her progress as an idol.

- cfb


Shirow said...

This girl is just made of pure win, yet we have yet to see her unleash her full talents, I hope her next song will be hyper genki upbeat jump up and down stuff :3

Mars said...

I'm not sold yet ... far from it lol. But I think I'm going to stop be so critical of her from now on. She's trying her best and while I don't think she's solo material atm, maybe in the future she can win me over.

Shirow: I'm also hoping the new single is an awesome upbeat song. Granny Manoeri at the Piano just doesn't work for me. (Was that being critical ... uhoh)