Thursday, April 16, 2009

March 2009 Purchases

My buying frequency is starting to slow down a little bit. April's been crazy so far (you'll soon see why), but I'll have to stop soon...I really, really need to save up for AX. >.<

  • Kusumi Koharu - Koi Kana LE (no book D:)
  • DEF.DIVA - LET'S GO Rakuten Eagles RE
  • Melon Kinenbi - Kousui RE
  • Maeda Yuki - Kenchana ~Daijoubu~ RE
  • Maeda Yuki - Tokyo Kirigirisu RE

  • Morning Musume - Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ RE
  • Morning Musume - AS FOR ONE DAY RE
  • Morning Musume - Platinum 9 DISC RE

  • Hello! Project 2009 Winter Complete LIVE Shashinshuu -Elder Club Sotsugyou Special- Photobook
  • Morning Musume Sakuragumi & Otomegumi - ~Alo-Hello! Dream Tour~

  • Country Musume Single V Clips 1
  • Morning Musume - Shabondama Single V
  • Morning Musume - Chokkan 2 Single V
  • Morning Musume - Aruiteru Single V
  • Morning Musume - Naichau Kamo Single V
Quick Thoughts:
- With the DEF.DIVA Rakuten single, now all I've got left is the GAM one...which is likely going to set me back $60-$70. >.< - Maeda Yuki is absolutely incredible. I can't wait to get ahold of more of her singles. - Platinum 9 DISC is great, as expected. - The EC Grad photobook is bawwtastic, haha. - Only 2 Momusu Single Vs left before I've got all of them. : 3 Complete list here.
- cfb


Anonymous said...

Just curiosity 8D: What is your favorite of all H!P concerts? And favorite just from MoMusu ones?

Zac said...

All of H!P:
A tie between Ayaya's "Watashi to Watashi to Anata" and Miki's solo concert, "Miki 1"...although I may have to get back to you after my copy of GAM's concert arrives. XD

Of the ones I own, 2003 Haru Non Stop! is probably my fav.