Sunday, March 14, 2010

January 2010 Purchases

Starting the new year off with less purchases than usual. This should continue until at least August or so...saving up enough to attend Aichan's graduation concert~ (whenever that is...)

Somehow everything in this picture is sealed, other than the Kanashimi Event V (which still has the plastic on it, seal is just broken at the bottom)

  • Kusumi Koharu - Happy Single V
  • Momusu - Kanashimi Twilight Event V
  • V/A - Pucchi Best 9
  • Momusu - Rainbow 7 RE

  • Momusu - Morning Channel ~Digiphoto History 2001-2005~ Photobook
  • Momusu - Yomiuri Land East Live 2009 DVD

Quick thoughts:
- Morning Channel photobook is adorable, so many great offshots of the girls~
- Yomiuri is an amazing concert, I loved how they kept the little bit at the's nice to put a visual to what I've heard in fan recordings of FC events so many times.

- cfb


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